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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Finished Bedrooms

This week, we finished off any remaining details to the rooms, and then moved in. It was very exciting.

With the extra rooms, as well as the new book shelf on the stairs and shelf in the living room that we made, we were able to unpack the shed. We have had most of our books, clothes, nic nacs, etc. stored in boxes since we moved here over two and a half years ago. There were so many things we had forgotten we even had, which are now out and accessible. And you can now get into the shed.

Of the three of us, it is Leo that is happiest. He seems to really love his new room. He has all his toys out, and he adores the bed. He bounces on it, does roly polies, and he sleeps GREAT.

More photos.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Finishing Details

This week, we've been doing some last odd jobs to the new rooms.

- Painted the front door, and added foam and dust guard to seal off drafts.
- Hung the two interior doors.
- Wired up all the plugs and lights.
- Made and hung curtains.
- Made and varnished a book shelf on the staircase.

We are now, in theory, ready to move in. In practice, we are all sick and don't feel like doing anything!

Leo came down with this stinking cold and cough first, then Abe, and now it got me too. Of course Leo is starting to feel better and gaining energy hourly, while we, on the other hand, are gradually drooping further and further down towards the nearest soft area.

The other day, Leo was coughing so hard he threw up. It is only the second time he's ever vomited (the first being when I took Vitamin C without knowing that he would react to it when breastfeeding). He's actually had very few colds. We've been pretty lucky really.

To make things worse, we have had raging wind the past few days. It's nice inside the house, but you can't go outside with this wind, and none of us are used to being inside for so long. Oh well, forecast for tomorrow and next week is calm, warm and sunny, so something to look forward to as we all recover.

More photos.

Friday, January 15, 2010


Today's Friday, but we decided to call off work, as we woke up this morning to white mountains!

In fairness, we have barely had a winter this year. We've had a couple of icy days and mornings, but other than that we have been wearing T-Shirts in the day. So, we're not complaining about the snow. It looks beautiful and will be gone in a couple of hours.

More photos.

Painting and Sealing

We went back to work on the house this week.

We laid the floor that connects the two rooms. This part is running bond pattern, while the two rooms are basket weave. We then poured concrete for the door thresholds and final step.

We textured and painted all the walls and ceilings, and sealed all the brick walls.

Finally, we sealed the brick floors. We used a heavy duty industrial acrylic concrete sealer. It has made the bricks darker and glossy and looks beautiful, but VERY STINKY!! We now have to wait a week before we can move in.

For more photos, click here.

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