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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Photos and Videos of Leo

To the family and friends that have asked for more regular photos of Leo, I will put be putting them on flickr each weekend. At the moment, they will all go in the Set titled 11th month (under the Leo Collection ).

We are generally tired at the end of our days during the week, and do not go online, so you'll just have to make do!!!


  1. Wow, is it my imagination or does he look just like me????
    Granny V

  2. I was actually thinking he looks just like Abe!!

    Holy moly Josie - is it seriously 11 months already?!? I can't believe Leo is almost a year old!! I'm sure you can't either :) He's looking wonderful!

  3. I know - time passes quickly anyway, but with a kid it seems to go double time! He's not actually 11 months old yet, but his 11th month is zooming by.

    I bet even more so with Logan, as he now seems to be making such huge leaps every day. Leo's yet to do his first sign (beyond things like waving and shaking his head, etc.), but sounds like your little guy is communicating up a storm. Would love them to meet one of these days...

    And Vickie, lots of people assume he's a girl - they say he's too pretty to be a boy!


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