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Saturday, November 14, 2009

19 months old

Our little guy just turned 19 months. I'll be putting all photos and videos over the coming month in 20th Month.

The truly great news is that all his teeth, except the 2nd year molars, are now through. Leo has suffered terribly with teething - they come through slowly, painfully, often with blood blisters, sometimes causing a fever. But now we all get a little break from the whole ordeal.

Perhaps the most noticeable change in the past month has been the level of independence. He's by no means ready to leave home, but he does seem to be able to entertain himself for longer periods of time. Animals, books, toys, Sesame Street, music keep him engrossed for lengthier stretches.

Plus, he is now wanting to work along side us. If we're moving rocks, or shoveling sand, or anything, he wants to do it too. He's even done a little concrete work!! We like the fact that he's willing to work, but we are so far not that impressed by his work ethic. For example, when I was filling up the area in between foundations with sand, he would move around behind me, filling up a little can with sand and throwing it back outside!! Mmmm!

He's still not talking that much, sticking to his comfortable grunts and signs. A few words here and there get added to his vocabulary, but very little. Hasn't yet said a Spanish word, though he seems to understand it almost as well as English.

He's quite the little charmer these days. With strangers, he'll wave and shake their hands. With friends, he'll shake hands and kiss.

We watched an extreme skiing video the other day, and ever since he will climb every boulder he sees, jump off and shout "Wow!". I am filled with dread at the years to come!!!!!!!


  1. Your son is so adorable! i dont know quite how to say this, but your website and blog has really inspired me to pursue a life that relies on me and my family and not on services grids, a more natural, calm and conscious life. is also very concise and informative. Thank you very much for sharing all this with the world! Keep up, youre doing beautifully!
    Matias Almeida -
    PD: im really sorry for my bad english!!!
    PD2: thats my first son in the picture, he´s 20 months old...

  2. Su inglés es perfecto.
    Muchas gracias por todo que dijo de mi hijo y de velacreations.
    Su hijo está precioso y que contento!
    Que les vaya muy bien.


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