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Sunday, March 14, 2010


Spring is in the air. Now warmer, both day and night, and the risk of frosts are soon passed. So, it's time to get the garden going.

We have lettuce, collards, cabbage, onions, leeks and radish already in the ground outside, and growing great. We also have beets, radish, onions, carrots and tomatoes growing inside in soil blocks, almost ready to go out. We should be starting some more seeds this week in soil blocks.

But more exciting than the vegetables is that we have planted some trees: 3 apricots, 2 cherries, 1 pecan, 1 plum. And we have 5 apples coming soon, free from our city council. That's all we have water for this year. But we'll be building a large tank in a couple of months, so next year we plan to plant 50 more trees! Forest garden, here we come.

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