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Monday, May 31, 2010

Augie's graduation

On May 15th, Augie, Abe's brother, graduated from University. We went up there to watch the graduation and to see the family. I know that is a long time ago, but for some reason I have been feeling very lethargic ever since the trip, and have barely been able to do regular chores and things that have to be done, let alone a blog! Oh well, time for catch up.

It was an extremely eventful, but fun, trip. I'll keep some of the details to ourselves - suffice it to say, Augie made it a memorable day (or night). We got to catch up with him, Emily and Roeland, Jim and Vickie, and Faye. There are a couple of photos and video of the graduation (click here), although not many and not great ones. And then we didn't get the camera out again for the rest of the trip, which is a shame.

After the graduation party, we headed up to Jim and Vickie's for a couple of days relaxing and visiting before making the long ride home. Leo really seems to love spending time with his grandparents, and once again I find myself wishing we lived closer to our two families.

The day after we got home, tired as we all were, Leo gave us a special treat... his first proper tantrum. It's not the first time he's cried and stomped his feet a little when he didn't get his way, but we have always been able to calm him down or divert his attention. This was different - this was an inconsolable crying fit that lasted for close to 20 minutes. It was pretty exhausting. He went to sleep straight afterward!

Other than that, Leo is doing great. He is mostly happy, with a few brief exceptions. He hikes a lot, runs all over the place, adores the dogs. He is playing a lot more on his own now and his imagination is really kicking in. If you let him, he will climb on EVERYTHING, and I mean stuff an adult would hesitate to do. He takes every opportunity to ride people's horses with them. All in all a handful. Terrible Twos, here we come.

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