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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Rain Season

The rains have now officially started, with three days in a row of heavy downpours. And they are very welcome.

Everything has cooled off and has been well and truly doused. Within a couple of weeks, the land will go through its biggest transformation of the year - it will become blindingly green. It already seems to have a pre-green sheen.

Yesterday was a big storm. The rain was so thick you couldn't see two feet out the window. Luckily, we had walked around the property right before it rained, broadcasting extra seeds that we had (squash, oats, beans, herbs, corn, sunflowers, wheat, etc.).

This morning, we planted the rest of the garden - all beds are now seeded. For photos of the garden and trees so far, click here.

Our pond also got a lot of water. It never filled up last year. The grass on our property is pretty healthy and we have very little runoff, except on roads and paths. So this year we have made a couple of trenches to help guide water into the pond, and they made a big difference. We will be digging a few more soon.

Our tanks are all full. We are currently digging out a hole for a new cistern. We had made the hole last year, but we are making it an extra foot and a half deep. As soon as it's all dug out, we will begin construction on the tank.

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