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Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Leo/Nicky Bed Fund

This post is for family and friends that would be buying us something for Christmas or a gift for the new baby when that time comes. We ask that instead of doing either of those things, would you please consider contributing to this project.

We got to thinking about what we needed to get for when the baby arrives, and we realized that we have absolutely everything we need - clothes for boy or girl, crib, blankets, toys, a new house and bathroom, etc. There is however one very large thing that we need - a bigger bed.

When Leo wakes up in the mornings, he likes to come and get in bed with us and either go back to sleep for a while or play. And when the baby joins us, she will be sleeping with us at first. It's already pretty crowded in our double bed with the added bulk of a rowdy two and a half year old, let alone a new (and delicate) little one. So we have decided to get a king size bed to accommodate the whole family.

We priced out what the whole thing will cost, including frame, mattress, sheets, etc. and the price (without shopping around too much) is $700. So, chip in to the bed fund with the widget above, and help us achieve our goal!

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