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Thursday, February 3, 2011


SANY7390 After seeing how involved Leo became with Bart's Ipad (he had a bunch of toddler games on there for his grandson, Logan), Abe downloaded some apps to the iphone. Leo loves them. It is amazing how fast he picks these things up. He knows how to turn on the iphone, maneuver around his games, play the games themselves, turn it off. He also knows that he shouldn't get into any of his papa's apps, but doesn't always act as if he knows. With Bart's Ipad, he'd only really been interested in a bubble making game, but now (just a week later) he has mastered all kinds of different apps. He's especially into spelling games at the moment, and is getting pretty good at putting the letters in their places for several simple words.

SANY7401 He continues to be interested in his little brother and frequently remarks how big he's getting (less than 3 months to go!). We go and play with a little boy Leo's age who also has a baby brother. Leo seems to like the baby almost as much as he likes the boy, and loves it when the baby squeezes his finger and gurgles. I am really starting to look forward to having two boys, and seeing them interact together.

Going through a slightly difficult stage with Leo. He now wants to dress himself completely and doesn't want any help from us. However, he still needs a little help and gets so frustrated. Oh well, he's getting better and better, so maybe this stage won't last long, or maybe he'll learn to accept a little help with dignity (?).

One huge step forward is that he now takes himself off to bed for a nap. He says he wants to go night night, gives us a kiss and goes upstairs. At night, he still needs a little input. At about 8.30 or so (sometimes with a little prodding from us), he undresses and puts on his pajamas. He then gets his purple duck (which has replaced the elephant and cars for bedtime companion), makes sure I have his water cup, and then we go upstairs. I read him two stories and he then goes to sleep.

Here's a few new videos and photos.

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