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Monday, March 7, 2011

Sick again

SANY7631 Leo has only ever been sick a handful of times, but two of those have come this year.

He started off with a high fever one day that went away without any other symptoms. Then a day later the cold came out. He spent a couple of days with stuffed nose and cough - mostly on my lap, in my arms or asleep. He seems a lot better today though and slept well last night, so looks like we might be past the hump (until we get it off course!).

I had to take this photo - even sick and stuffed up, he still manages to keep a good grip of the important things in life!

There's a couple of other photos and videos in 35th month. My favorite is when he becomes the chocolate cake monster (not sure where the monster came from, but I took it as a compliment to the new recipe I was trying out).

In separate Leo news, we went to visit some friends in a neighboring village, who have some small kids, and Leo had his first ever soda. Unfortunately, but very predictably, he loved it. His first reaction was "bla", but then he took another sip, then a gulp, then it was gone! He'll have to wait until we go back there to have his second taste.

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  1. You say village so you must be in mexico.What's that like? Is the cost of living as low there as they say?


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