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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Bob and Janet visit

SANY8464 My mom and step-dad (Janet and Bob) have just left, having been with us for the last 10 days.

The first time they visited us here was after Leo was born, when we lived in a small, one room house with dirt floors. Given the heat at that time and the lack of any kind of amenities, it is surprising they came back, but they have, a couple of times.

This, like that first visit, was the hottest and driest time of the year. We had asked them to bring us some rain (we haven't had any since September 28th), but they failed to do so. Other than that rather huge offense, they were the perfect house guests and we loved having them here!

SANY8334 They got to meet the rabbits and pigs, both new since they were last here, and even had piglets eating out of their hands and sucking on their fingers. But of course the animals were not really the reason they came, they came to meet the new grandson and play with the older one.

Nico is obviously too little to appreciate family visits, but Leo LOVED it. He happily gave up his room and bed for them, although he had originally done so under the assumption that he would be SHARING the bed with them. Janet was his pet - he told her what to do, what to say, where to go - everything was about Janet for the first few days. Bob told him stories and he and Abe took him kite flying, which he really enjoyed.

SANY8312 Leo is a very loving, fun, funny, sensitive child, but boy can he be obstinate and infuriating when he wants to be. He's had a rough month - mama was heavily pregnant, then an invalid with a new baby; papa has been busier than usual, picking up the slack of mama being out of action; both are getting less sleep and are thus less patient and energetic; and Leo has suffered some from all the changes. Then came Bob and Janet, which meant that he has been overexcited. He has missed much needed naps, and replaced them with a meltdown almost every day since we've had visitors. We all felt for him deeply, but at the same time could not let him get his way. Hopefully for all of us, this stage will not last long.

Leo will really miss his grandparents, as will we. It is the one thing that we do not like about our life here, that we are so far from both of our families.

Photos of their visit are in the set May '11, with other photos of the boys and us.

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