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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Jim - In Loving Memory

Jim - In Loving Memory

Our family suffered the saddest event we've had to date, the loss of Abe's dad.

Jim, aka Popo, passed away on the 24th September. He had been admitted to hospital for what was thought to be bacterial meningitis, and went on to have various other complications, including pneumonia and myopathy.

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He was in hospital for several weeks. He would be getting better one day, then worse, then better again. It was an extremely emotional and difficult time for the whole family.

At the end, he was moved to a hospice room and the family was with him until he fell asleep. The moment he passed it started to POUR with rain, with some of the longest and loudest thunder claps I have ever heard. When Leo was told what had happened, his first comment was "Did it happen when it started to rain?".

Family and friends gathered at Vickie's house in the days that followed. The loss is felt deeply by everyone, and we were really glad we could be with Vickie for a while afterwards.

Popo adored, truly adored, all his grandkids, and his greatest joy was making them laugh and happy. I am grateful for all the memories they have of him, but wish with all my heart there could be more.

You'll be missed, Jim.

Jim - In Loving Memory

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