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Wednesday, September 9, 2015



Over the years we have collected a lot of “junk”. This includes lumber, metal, PVC, motors, barrels, and much, much more. Basically anything we think we might one day need, we keep. Lots of people would object to this kind of hoarding, but it has been invaluable to us time and time again. Every time we make a prototype of some invention, contraption or doo-hicky, we rummage through our junk-pile and find the things we need, at least to test a theory. It saves us having to go to the city before we even know whether or not an idea will work. Spare parts are saved, just in case we need something and can’t make it to a store.

junkyard2The junkyard was located to one side of our driveway. However, now that we have a workshop that houses all our tools and other materials, we decided to consolidate. We have now moved everything useful around the shop. We still lack a few bits and pieces, but the vast majority is done, and more or less organized. It is also mostly hidden from view, unless you are walking towards the shop.

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