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Monday, October 26, 2015



As we continue to enlarge our forest garden and the swales around the property, our demand for trees has increased. Although we can grow a huge variety of plants in the orchard itself, where there is irrigation, we are trying to cultivate drought tolerant trees for the swales. That way, they will be able to survive drier years, and still provide our animals with food.

So Abe germinated and planted a bunch of older seeds, for Mimosa, Palo Verde, and Honey Locust. Each of these three are nitrogen fixers, require very little maintenance, and make an excellent feed for animals. We also have several mulberry and pomegranate cuttings (trees that have proven that they thrive in our area and soil).

Of the seeds he planted, a huge majority came up and are doing very well. You can almost watch them grow (and Abe does!). Their little pots currently fill our inside grey water beds (in between my young plants and herbs).

We finally have a nursery.


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