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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Air-layer madness


We have been unbelievable busy these past few weeks with non-homestead related work. Abe's been full-time on the computer working on a rabbit management app, called Hutch, and I have been almost living at the school tutoring the kids on the scientific method needed for their first ever science fair. It seems like the time has flown by in a haze.

Now, however, spring is in the air and we are having to set time aside for the coming season. Abe has started to air-layer small branches of trees and shrubs all over the place. He's using plastic cream and yoghurt containers and it looks like we have bizarre little Christmas trees everywhere! We also have a good amount of pruning to do, as well as starting seeds of various kinds inside, not to mention prepping the next level of our forest garden (we try to add an extra terrace to the system each year).

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Air-layer madness

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