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Friday, April 1, 2016

Easter 2016





We spent a lovely week with Abe's mom and brother. The boys were delighted to see them, as we haven't visited since Halloween.

They got to go to Living Desert, a zoo type thing with lots of indigenous species. They also decorated Easter eggs, which turned out super awesome, and then went around the yard on Sunday finding them. One of the daily highlights was driving the Mule (a cross between a four-wheeler and a golf cart), and Leo is now convinced that he could start driving our little Toyota to school - mmmm, not sure that I quite agree with him!?

It is a shame that we don't get to see both of our families more often. The boys really love the kind of attention that only family can give.

Now that we're home, we face a couple of weeks of intensive gardening. All kinds of stuff to plant and transplant. It's a fun time of year as everything blossoms and greens out. The only problem is that we have so much other stuff to do. Oh well, such is life.

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Easter 2016

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