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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Leo's Big One

After a couple of days working on the house this week, we set off to New Mexico to celebrate Leo's first birthday with his grandparents. He's getting to an age where the last thing he wants is to be strapped down in a chair for nine plus hours. However, we went with some friends, so there was always a couple of people in the back to play with him, and he didn't do too bad.

Once he'd recovered from the trip, he had a great time. After the confined space of our house, he really enjoyed the open carpeted floors of Jim and Vickie's. He got a musical ridable train, which he loves riding and pushing around. He played ball, rode on a little wagon, petted horses, reached for ceiling fans, took baths.

And he is now taking up to ten steps at a time, still between people (not quite confident enough to take off walking without anything in sight to grab hold of).

There's a bunch of photos and videos here.

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