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Friday, May 1, 2009

A couple of weeks off...

I've mentioned before that each week there seems to be something that hinders our construction progress. Well, these past couple of weeks, it was a health issue.

We were going to leave Abe's folks' place Sunday 12th April, after Leo's birthday, but I was feeling poorly and wanted to stay close to the toilet. I was sick all morning – a minor case of food poisoning.

My stomach hurt all day, and that night the pain dropped to my pelvis. The morning brought no relief, but I figured that whatever had made me sick would pass through my system soon. At least I no longer had an upset stomach. So we set off in the direction of home.

We had to pick something up in El Paso, Texas, but it wasn't ready, so we had a few hours to kill. Abe took Leo and the two friends who'd come with us to the zoo, while I slept in the car.

When they got back, the pain had become almost unbearable and I eventually agreed to let them take me to the hospital.

I was admitted at 5pm, doubled over with pain. I finally saw a doctor at midnight. They sent me for a CT scan, and performed a couple of excruciatingly painful internal examinations. At about 4am, the doctor came to tell me that I had PID, a sexually transmitted pelvic infection. Both Abe and I told her categorically that this was not possible, but it remained her diagnosis. I was given a shot of antibiotics, a prescription for antibiotics and pain meds. I was then released at 5am.

After sleeping the rest of the morning. we decided to try for home again, hoping that the antibiotics would kick in and help me out. At the very least, I was so drowsy and hurting that I would sleep the whole way home. Not to be. Abe called his parents before we set off, to let them know what had happened, and the hospital had called them telling them we had to return.

We went back to the hospital, where a different doctor had examined my CT scan – my appendix had burst and I needed an emergency operation. Once my blood pressure had risen a little over 90/40 they wheeled me into the operating room. The next thing I remember, I was coming to, with Abe at my side.

The appendix had burst, and I'd had an huge abscess. The drain they left in for 4 days was almost contantly running. Yum yum!

I wasn't able to keep down any food for a week after the op, but once I stopped throwing up everything I got a lot better.

We went back to Abe's folks for a week, while I got stronger. Not sure what we would have done without them. They helped Abe, who had probably had a rougher time than I did, look after Leo.

We are now back home, safe and well, and slowly getting back into the house. I feel great and have recovered very quickly, feeling almost zero pain or discomfort. Unfortunately, I have a cold now, but once that passes, I will be right as rain!!!!


  1. HOLY CRAP!!! Good god Josie - that sounds absolutely awful!! thank goodness another doctor examined your scan again - who knows what would have happened (or how awful you'd be) if you had continued on home. Jeez.

    Well, I'm so glad to hear you were able to have the surgery quickly and are recovering so well - that's wonderful! *hugs to all*

  2. that's crazy! glad you are OK. the things you expect to go wrong never do and the things that go wrong you never expect. hope to see y'all soon.


    Seriously - that is a CLOSE call - can't believe they got the diagnosis wrong, good thing you called home!

    Anyways, thank goodness you are all right. Much love to You, Abe, and Leo.


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