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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Leo's now Walkng

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Leo is now walking everywhere. He'd been taking steps before I went into the hospital, but that progressed rapidly while I was away. Walking is now his main form of transportation! We've had to turn one of the unfinished rooms into his playroom, putting a tarp down on the floor. He loves it – plenty of space to walk and walk. Only problem is that the doorways are too enticing, and his main goal is to distract you so he can make a run for it!!! We have considered using a chain... is that cruel?

Another major development is that he is weaned!!! I wasn't able to breast-feed him while I was in hospital - I wasn't even allowed to see him :( - or while I was on the 2 types of antibiotics they gave me to take for 10 days. While I was gone, he was offered formula out of a bottle. This was a new experience for him, one that he did not appreciate at all. Even full fat milk in a bottle held no interest for him. So he just started eating more and turned his nose up at the poor excuse for a boobie.

I pumped my breasts several times each day during the two weeks I was on meds, hoping to continue breast-feeding for a couple more months. However, the other day, when I was finally drug free, I reintroduced his to the boobie... no go! He is no longer interested. I guess as far as weaning goes, that was pretty easy, but I wish it could have happened differently. He may not miss it, but I do!!! Oh well... I guess my baby is growing up.

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  1. wow that's amazing how much he's walking - overnight! :) congrats on such a huge milestone!

    sorry about the weaning - I can only imagine how hard that was for you since it ended so abruptly. but, I guess at least it was an easy process.....


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