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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Leo's first bed

One great thing about Leo is that he has never really moved about after waking from a nap. He wakes up, cries and you come and pick him up. I know this isn't the case with most babies. I guess he's just used to us being close by - we all live in one room and sleep in one bed. And because of this, we've always been able to do things outside while he slept, knowing that he would let us know when he wakes up.

Well, that's all changed now. He's started waking up and either sitting or going straight into a crawl, before he really know he's awake. Yesterday, he was sleeping and we were outside in his playroom (what will be the kitchen). I heard him utter one cry, so I dashed the 20 feet into the house... to find him standing up at THE END OF THE BED looking at me. I nearly had a heart attack!

A friend of ours gave us a crib several months ago, but we have no space for it in the house. We had just figured he could sleep with us until we finish the building and then he could move into his own bed. Well, him teetering on the edge of the bed without his human safety nets has changed that. We went into the village, picked up the crib and it is now set up in his playroom. He will still sleep with us at night, but during the day he will now be confined to baby prison.

We weren't going to put him in it yet, as he has teeth cutting through at the moment and is running a high fever and feeling lousy, and we didn't want to try a new thing while he was feeling bad. But we gave him a bath and he was feeling super rambunctious, so we thought we'd try it out. He loved it!!!! He doesn't know it's for sleeping yet, but he thinks it's a great new toy! Our baby has his first bed.

For more photos and videos, click here.

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  1. Awesome! Too cute! :) I love the video you included - it's good to know Logan isn't the only one who shook his head from left to right really fast when he was having fun (or when he was dog-tired)! :)


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