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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Jar Organiser

We were doing some work in the garden today, getting it ready for the winter/fall's planting, and picking and drying out seeds. It made us think, we need to get a better system for organizing our seeds - we are now starting to have things that have grown in our soil for a couple of years and we are starting to select which plants do better and produce heavier.

So, we decided to make use of some of the Gerber's baby food jars that Leo has used, and make us a seed organizer. The same thing can be used for seeds, buttons, electronics parts, etc. etc.

We took a chunk of 2"x2" lumber. We screwed the jar lids into it on all four sides (must use two screws per jar). Then we screwed the jars into their lids. Very simple, 30 minute project, and it looks great. It can stand upright or on its side.

For more photos, click here.


  1. That is really neat! We've been using baby food jars instead of ziplock bags for snacks like nuts. We may try this, but I think I would improve your creation by using magnets... love hearing about your adventure! We are looking to do something similar in the next year, so it is great to see how you go about it.

  2. Just an edit-organizer (with a z); Jim has one like this for different nuts, screws, etc.


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