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Thursday, January 6, 2011


SANY7192 To all those that contributed to the Leo/Nicky bed fund, thank you so very much.

We have bought and installed the new bed, and it takes up most of the bedroom (we are currently in what will one day become Nicky's room and it is not designed for a king size!!). It is unbelievably comfortable, and Leo loves it as much as we do. We can all three be in the bed and have to crawl for miles to cuddle, so we often congregate in the center.

SANY7197 Leo also loves his new big bed (our old one). It was especially great while he was sick. I could sleep with him and we both had plenty of room, although his preferred sleeping position is wrapped around my neck stroking my hair (something he has loved to do from the beginning).

Thanks again folks.

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