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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Happy New Year

Happy New year to everyone, and hope that 2011 brings you all kinds of happy events and memories.

Ours promises to be as good, if not better than 2010, but it did not start well. We had a bunch of people come and visit us after Christmas, and a couple of days later Leo got sick.

SANY7184 Started off with a high temperature, sleeping a lot and wanting to be held whenever awake. It then progressed to painful stomach cramps and diarrhea for several days. We didn't get anything, so must be something we already have resistance to (like Rotovirus).

Leo drinks so much water that dehydration (the biggest danger in such an illness) was never a worry. However, it was horrible watching him in pain and not being able to do anything. There is a medication you can give for the virus, but most reports say that although it relieves some of the symptoms, it usually makes the illness last longer, and is best to avoid if you can.

One thing that really upset him was that we had to put diapers on him for the worst days. He cried and cried at that, so we took it off, but then soiling his pants upset him even more and he relented.

What helped more than anything was hot water. I brought in my laundry tub and set it up by the fire. He sat and played for a long time in the hot water and hot room, and it seemed to really help him relax.

Thankfully he is now doing a whole lot better. A little weak still when he tries to do too much, but he'll soon be back to normal.

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