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Saturday, May 16, 2015

Survival Food Forest with Chickens: Zero to 10 Years Tour!

Survival Food Forest with Chickens: Zero to 10 Years Tour!

Watch the Full Video for FREE Clip from the new "Surviving Collapse - Designing your way to Abundance" is a story on how Geoff Lawton discovered permaculture and what he did to prepare for any global crisis. Survival is not just about hoarding food but building stability and abundance into a natural food forest system. Geoff takes you on a fly-over of his property and explains the things you need to be aware of - should an economic or social upheaval destroy your water, food and electricity systems, you need to be able to cope with any disaster. Could you survive? Geoff says its possible. In fact he's doing and teaching it right now around the world. Come along for the ride. See whats possible. Low tech solutions create abundance when partnered with natural systems that are life enhancing. Watch the Full 34 minute Video for FREE


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