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Monday, August 15, 2016

Bottling cider





Just as apple season starts again, we finally got around to bottling off the last of our cider from last year. It's a little late, I know, but somehow we just never got around to doing it. Still, no harm done, and the sight of 27 bottles of beautiful cider is enough to motivate us to juice more apples this year!

By the way, we have now written an article on making cider from scratch, including instructions on making the grinder and press, as well as the fermentation process. You can view the how-to here, or look at it on the Instructables site.

In order to bottle, we set up a little assembly line. I sanitized the bottles (and took photos), Leo siphoned the cider into the clean bottles, and Abe corked them. You may be wondering what Nicky was doing this whole time? Well, he got out a stool and told us that he would sit and watch us, to make sure we were all doing our jobs. Manager material?

Incidentally, is this bad parenting?



To see the whole flickr set of making cider from scratch, click here.


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Bottling cider

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