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Monday, August 29, 2016

Dark Honey





A few years ago, we made a top bar bee hive out of half a 55 gallon barrel, which we called the "Honey Cow". We caught a swarm to inhabit it and the hive is now rocking and rolling. There are an enormous amount of bees, and the barrel is almost completely full of both brood and honey.

This weekend, we decided to rob some honey. We didn't take much, only 8 lb of strained honey. We figure we can always take some more in a month or so if we need to. For us, every drop we get is a bonus, as we do absolutely nothing for the bees (we don't feed them or even check on them that often).

The honey is dark and beautiful, a lot of which is due to oak blossoms. It's said that dark oak honey like this is even better for you than most honey (like we needed an excuse to eat more of it!). You can see the difference in color between ours and store bought stuff from the photo.

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Dark Honey

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