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Saturday, March 14, 2009

11 months old

Leo just turned 11 months old... he's going to be 1 year before we know it!

He is cruising and crawling around at an incredible speed, almost too fast to keep track of!! He's still unwilling to take solo steps, though he will happily let go of any support if he's too engrossed in playing to realize he let go! He will also "dance" whenever music comes on.

He claps his hands, waves, shakes your hand, and is starting to play hand games. He loves Legos, and can spend a long time taking them apart. He can and has put them back together, but he much prefers throwing them on the floor once he's taken them apart, or giving them to you to put back together.

He now talks fluently... in what language we have no idea. He'll babble away and then smile happily as he waits for your response.

He did just have a cold, his second sickness, but only really suffered for one night.

He is a super happy baby, and continues to be a delight to his doting parents.

We will post all photos and videos of him this month in the flickr set called "12th Month".

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