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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Ceiling done!

Despite copious amounts of sniffles and coughs from us and our crew, we managed to get a lot accomplished this week.

Abe and Eliseo got the ceiling finished - putting up the final boards and all the tin (for photos click here). All of a sudden, the place has taken shape, looking and feeling like a house. We now have a bunch of shade and protection from any wind or rain that might (or might not) come. It has to be said that it didn't turn out as well as we expected. The tin was too floppy and did not keep the shape that well. On the other hand, it's not going to matter. Once it's textured and painted, you won't be able to notice, and it's the roof itself (which we have now begun to prep for) that is of structural importance. We just won't use this system again... the quest for the perfect roof continues.

Meanwhile Estela and I did stucco, making the walls meet the arched ceiling and doing some finishing details.

We also got started on the hole for the cistern. Now that our catchment area will be increasing, we need to increase our storage capacity as well, so we will be building a 7000 gallon ferro-cement cistern.

The next step is the concrete roof. We went and bought some materials, have started screening sand and have begun wiring the house. In another week we should be ready to pour the roof and gutters.

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