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Monday, March 30, 2009

Little by little...

It seems like each week there's a new obstacle to slow us down. This week was super strong winds, which meant we couldn't advance on the roof, as we have to put polystyrene down first, then black plastic, and finally reinforced concrete. Instead we worked on other projects inside the shell.

Abe wired the house (photos). We have AC and DC plugs, while all the lights are wired with DC (more efficient for an off grid power system, as no inverter is needed).

I finished the bottle wall (photos) and did another fabric formed post, this time criss-crossing rope on the outside of the plastic form to embed a pattern in the concrete (photos). We also did some finishing details on the walls.

After that we started on the south wall flower beds (photos). In the dining room and living room, the whole of the south wall is window. At the base of that window, we are building flower beds for year-round growing. They will be fed by the grey water from the bathroom and kitchen. We dug out the dining room bed, lined it with black plastic and made the rebar/remesh/lathing frame. We then concreted the base, using a waterproofing additive.

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  1. Hey folks, Don and I are sitting here in the dome catching up on your progress. Looking good!

    - trevor


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