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Sunday, August 2, 2009


The exterior, where no rooms will be connecting (east and south), is now finished. We put a cement/fiber/lime coat on the concrete, then a waterproofing paint, then a colored paint. We ran out of one color for the wall around the door, but have now got some more and can finish it when we have time, though this is not a priority as it is purely aesthetic.

The interior is NOT finished. Water can still get in on the north side where there is a doorway to the kids' rooms, and so we have decided to do that roof first before finishing the interior of the kitchen/dining/living rooms. Once that is done – hopefully not too long – we will then lay the brick floors (with insulation and hot water pipes underneath), plaster and paint the walls and ceiling, and then install cabinets/shelves/furniture, etc. I CANNOT WAIT TO HAVE THE EXTRA SPACE!!!!!! I am a tidy freak, and for a long time I have been running out of places to put things. Cannot wait to have a kitchen, and a table, and floors, and... well, you get the picture!

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